Inne Goris studied for theatre director and drama teacher at the Theatre Academy of Maastricht. Her theatre debut, Niet in staat tot slechte dingen (Bronks, 1997), was an intriguing portrait of the hard and ruthless world of children at play. After working several years as a dramaturge with Ultima Vez (Wim Vandekeybus), she decides to focus on creating her own work.

Her three performances Zeven (2001), Drie Zusters (2003) and Pride&Prejudice (2004) were nominated for the 1000 Watt-prize for most impressive youth theatre performance. Goris develops a free theatre idiom that is powerful, refined and sparkling with suppressed emotion.

After Hersenkronkels (Villanella, 2004) she created De Dood en Het Meisje (2005), La petite fille qui aimait trop les allumettes (2006), Droesem (2007) and Naar Medeia (2008) with her own company, ZEVEN.

From 2009, Inne Goris has been working under the wings of Theatre LOD, creating Nachtevening (2009) Muur (2010), Droomtijd (2011), Vader, Moeder, Ik en Wij (2011) and Hoog Gras (2012).

Performances by Inne Goris are on the thin line between visual arts, theatre and dance. Her performances tell stories and question the way those stories can be passed on to the audience.