Dance - Performance - Location project
Derailed 2021 - Benjamin Vandewalle

Benjamin Vandewalle derails the daily choreography of public space by investing the train station with dance and music improvisation. During five days, at peak hours, four dancers and a musician engage in an improvised intervention that “hacks” the everyday routine of commuters and day-trippers.

Their durational presence in the station pierces a whole in the quotidian fabric. Trains become giant cameras on rails as they slowly drive along the platform. The streams of people getting in and out of trains and waiting travellers become part of an improvised choreography that makes the often unnoticed, daily choreographies more visible.

Concept and direction Benjamin Vandewalle Performers Barbara Pereyra, Margarida Ramalhete, Timothy Nouzak, Benjamin Vandewalle Music Pak Yan Lau Coproduction Europalia Trains & Tracks, Kaap Ostend - Bruges Executive production Caravan Production Brussels