Dance - Performance
Every-body-knows-what-tomorrow-brings-and-we-all-know-what-happened-yesterday 2025 - Mohamed Toukabri

Mohamed Toukabri (°1990) has been a professional dancer for the last 20 years. He has worked with established artists such as Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Jan Lauwers, and has been making his own creations since 2018, including the solo The Upside Down Man and the duet with his mother Latifa Maimouna Khamessi, The Power (of) The Fragile. His upcoming work Every-body-knows-what-tomorrow-brings-and-we-all-know-what-happened-yesterday is a solo exploring the ties between dance, memory, history, virtuosity, migration and politics. If the dancer's body is an archive in which he collects, creates and transmits knowledge, what is the hierarchy of that knowledge and how does it evolve over time? What (dance) language are we taught, and how can we decolonize our thinking and dancing if that language is the language of the colonizer? How can we decolonize our imagination, and develop our own imaginary world, beyond the limitations imposed on people from non-European cultural backgrounds? In his work, Toukabri knows better than anyone else how to link the personal to the universal so as to create performances capturing everyone's imagination. After two performances focusing mainly on his very personal story, Toukabri now turns to his dance history, in order to draw a sharpened vision on the contemporary western dance practice. He will partner up with high level musicians and visual artists to give shape to a compelling and intense search for a new autonomous dance vocabulary.

Creation and performance Mohamed Toukabri Dramaturge Eva Blaute Coproduction KAAP Production Caravan Production With the support of De Vlaamse Gemeenschap