The work of Inga Huld Hakonardottir focuses on the friction and poetics between the symbolic and the sensorial. She often uses pardoxes of our current era to address problems related to an excessive political and spiritual crisis. With a cross-media approach she searches for a new understanding of the choreographic by surfing its borders and emphasizing elements it shares with other mediums such as noise music and abstract theater. Inga views the choreographic act as a way to construct, practice and preserve the fading culture of rituals in our society, as a space where symbols grow new meaning through physical integration. Inga graduated from P.A.R.T.S, Brussels in 2014 and has since been working in the field of performance with a home base in Brussels.

Inga’s work with artist and musician Yann Leguay has gained success, especially in the experimental music and noise scene. It proposes new materials as instruments; notably axes, logs and tonal stones, combining a physical and sonic engagement with the materials. Voice, body and object have a rather equal importance in these works. Their work Again The Sunset, premiered in De Singel, Antwerpen and exists in different forms. It has been presented in multiple theaters across Europe, as well as at renowned music festivals such as LUFF (Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival) Sonic Protest (Paris) and soon Saint Ghetto festival in Bern.

Inga has also created several works with choreographer Ro?sa O?marsdo?ttir, including The Valley, Wilhelm Scream and DaDaDans, a commission for the Iceland Dance Company. They received the award ‘Choreography of the Year’ from the Icelandic Nathional Theatr awards- Griman in 2015.

Inga is also a performing artist in works of other choreographers, such as Phia Menard, Salva Sanchis, Eleanor Bauer, Erna O?marsdo?ttir, Veli Lehtovaara and James McGuinn. She collaborated and performed with the contemporary music ensemble ICTUS in their projects Ballet Mechanique and Meyoucycle.