In 2003 Kyoko Scholiers (°1981) graduated from Studio Herman Teirlinck and ever since worked as an actress and performance maker with De Roovers, Het Toneelhuis, Comp.Marius, Theater Antigone, HETPALEIS, BRONKS and others. She did camera work for Any Way the Wind Blows (Tom Barman), Rosie (Patrice Toye), and De hel van Tanger (Frank Van Mechelen).

With fellow artists Louis van der Waal and Maarten Westra Hoekzema she founds the collective unm. Together they created widely acclaimed location projects like Tussen hond en wolf (The Violet Hour) (2009) in which the audience is sitting in a stand mounted on a cart pulled and The house that built us (2012) with choreographer Koen De Preter.

In the meantime, with Ruth Becquart, she created the installation LETTER (2011), a slowly spinning merry-go-round with audio excerpts of a year-long handwritten letter conversation with people from all over the world. LETTER wins the Dioraphte prize and still tours as installation for public space until today.

In 2015, Kyoko created Bastard, a comical-existential research into her alleged descent from Napoleon Bonaparte. The multimedial theatre performance was very well received by the press and toured intensively in Flanders and the Netherlands.

For her last project Misconnected, Kyoko created an installation with fragments of phone conversations with people who are in one way or another disconnected from society. This installation of intriguing telephone boxes premiered in MAS during the Zomer van Antwerpen in July 2017.