Husk Husk is a music duo working between Brussels (BE), London (UK) and Rome (IT). Husk Husk composes, produces and performs contemporary electronic music which is strongly characterised by extensive and intricate sampling, a recurrent usage of (melodic) polyrhythms, analogue sound synthesis, and a frequent interplay with classic instruments like guitar, cello and violin.

Husk Husk creates both solo musical works and musical works in collaboration with other artists. In the realm of contemporary classical music, contemporary dance and video art they have collaborated with artists such as Liam Byrne (Berlin, DE), Koen Broos (Antwerp, BE), Sung Im Her (London, UK / Seoul, KR), Martha Pasakopoulou (Athens, GR), Mike Doughty (Memphis, US), and Andrew Livingston (New York City, US).

Among others, Husk Husk’s music has been performed live during contemporary dance performances in the Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK) and the ARKO Arts Theater (Seoul, KR), as well as featured during performances at The Place (London, UK), Platform-L (Seoul, KR) and Sejong Center for the Performing Arts (Seoul, KR).