KULTUR 2019 - El Conde de Torrefiel

(A Dutch version of this text will follow soon) 

KULTUR emerged as an independent spin-off from LA PLAZA, the latest performance piece by El Conde de Torrefiel, by extracting one of the literary situations it contains and using this as the starting point for a new concept in the form of a performative installation based on one particular image and escalating situation, the idea being to give the audience the most subjective experience possible, isolating each member from the others by providing them with headphones and allowing them to move about freely within the performance space.

The structure of the installation is provided by a female voice revealing its thoughts, with no particular narrative pattern, to each of the persons present. The words they hear are basically the sound of the laborious process by which a rational being tries to organise sensations, mold thoughts and delve into ways of overcoming their material and organic condition using intellectual artifice in order to find that one thing that can define them as a person, the one expression that will make them appear unique.

KULTUR is therefore an internal monologue, organized intuitively through the gaze of a person confronted by the stimulus that their own reflection provides. It's a person's attempt to attach meaning to a life shared with others, always under the same old umbrella of commonly held rules and knowledge, predetermined ideas, pre-existing beliefs, experienced sensations, and established concepts acquired in an almost cumulative way. This intellectual litany has the person challenging the ways in which they define themselves and react to what surrounds them, which are in opposition not only to the deep need for a non-transferable unity of experience but also to more instinctive and primary states and behaviours. KULTUR presents a voice that relegates to its most interior sanctum –  its private thoughts – the desire to contain without extinguishing the less visible aspects of its identity, that private place from which springs the endless, latent life energy that feeds the world.

(A Dutch version of this text will follow soon) 

Conceived and devised by El Conde de Torrefiel Direction Tanya Beyeler and Pablo Gisbert Text Pablo Gisbert Cast Jane Jones, Sylvan, Arno Genista Set Design El Conde de Torrefiel & María Alejandre Props & Costumes María Alejandre Sound design Adolfo Fernández García Technical director Isaac Torres Voice Victoria Macarte (English) Translation Victoria Macarte (English) Production El Conde de Torrefiel Co-production donaufestival (Krems), Gessnerallee (Zürich) Diffusion & tour management Caravan Production