Sidney Leoni (1984, Toulon, France) lives and works in Brussels & Stockholm as a choreographer, dancer-performer and filmmaker. His artistic research explores the field of immersive and experiential theatre and cinema, in which he focuses on the processes and effects of the audience's imaginary and sensory perceptions. With his last two performance projects Undertone (2010) and Hertz (2013), the theatre space is plunged in complete darkness, becoming the stage for the orchestration of sensory movements such as surround-soundscapes, live music, smells, vibrations, airflows and temperature fluctuations, in correlation to performative situations of encounter and mutual reliance between performers, musicians and audience members.

Sidney latest project Under Influence (2015, Hiros) is a fiction feature film that he wrote, directed and produced, starring choreographers-performers Halla Ólafsdóttir and Christine de Smedt. The picture portrays the mysterious and psychotic journey of an actress during the shooting of a motion picture entitled 'Being Kate Winslet'. Since 2017, Sidney has been working on the creation of the cine-docu-dance-performance FLY, which stands at the crossroads of an historical document, an auto-fiction and a poetic manifest that wavers between factual and fictional events from the life and works of famous artists (namely dancer-choreographer Vaslav Nijinski and actress Gena Rowlands) and Leoni’s personal and imaginary ones. FLY is set to premiere at Moderna Museet in Stockholm in December 2021.

In 2008-2009, Sidney took part in the master's programme Research in Choreography at DOCH in Stockholm, and in 2002- 2006 he followed the bachelor's and master's programme Research in Dance at the Sophia Antipolis University in Nice. Before that, in 1990-1998, Sidney trained as a ballet dancer at the Toulon National Opera in France. As a performer, Sidney has taken part in works by Mette Ingvartsen: Giant City (2009) and The Artificial Nature Project (2012), Andros Zins-Browne: The Host (2010) and Welcome to the Jungle (2012), and Stina Nyberg: Splendour (2015). Since 2008 Sidney has been a member of mychoreography, an independent Stockholm-based organization.