undercurrents 2019 - Sarah Vanhee

"Every sound we make is a bit of autobiography. It has a totally private interior yet its trajectory is public. A piece of inside projected to the outside." — Anne Carson

A voice is as singular as a fingerprint. When we scream, we catapult ourselves inside out, revealing that dimension of ourselves in between body and mind, maybe closest to our soul. »To open our mouth and let out sounds from a hole in the middle of our face« as Jonathan Ree describes it - disclosing both our strongest power and deepest vulnerability.

Physically, the scream is an instance when an inner force or energy is released in an unforeseen, unplanned way, the voice transforming the body and the body transforming the voice. The screamer breathes, screams, releases, transforms, channels and dissipates. Since 2013, my ongoing investigation of the act of screaming in its aesthetic and political potential has led to several expressions, formats and frames in which I create the possibility for people to scream. With the understanding that every person screams from a different place, I developed different techniques and methodologies to include every one with a desire to scream, also those who have never screamed be- fore. In a patriarchal society in which dominant virtues are to be rational, self-contained or controlled, I see screaming as an act of resilience, a basic right and democratic tool.

For its opening in May 2019, Wiener Festwochen invited me to create a scream-scape with local inhabitants of Donaustadt. A group of 18 people participated in an intense 4 day workshop, in collaboration with the artist Britt Hatzius and voice-coach Christian Reiner. Realising that each participant has their own individual motivation to scream and their distinctive way of doing so, this scream-scape invites the audience to momentarily sink beneath the surface of composure and witness the collectively liberated energies in this momentary composition of screams. undercurrents unfolds at the edge of the city, in a field, on one of the last wastelands left in this area, an open space that allows for the scream to be released, resonate and vanish again.

Concept, Choreo­graphy Sarah Vanhee Artistic colla­boration Britt Hatzius With Alena Hermann, Anatina Riester, Agnieszka Brzezinska, Alva Morgenstern, Anja Friedl, Christa Blecha, Christine Runge, Claudia Hitzenberger, Cornelia Bredt, Gerald Zauner, Gloria Diewald, Herbert Ottendorfer, Linda Klösel, Martin Preiner, Negin Rezaie, Sophie Schulmeister, Verena Rauhofer Voicetrainer Christian Reiner Thanks to Jakob Ampe Production Wiener Festwochen, Manyone With support of Wiener Hilfswerk Nach­bar­schafts­zentrum 22-Donaustadt, Stadt­teil­management Seestadt aspern, Wien 3420 aspern Development AG executed by the Team Wiener Festwochen Photos by Elodie Grethen and Sarah Vanhee