collected screams 2019 - Sarah Vanhee

Since many years I’ve been working on screaming. Screaming is an immediate, affective act, revealing both the strongest power and deepest vulnerability.

I found little or no existing work – academic, artistic or other- that would focus fully on screaming as a phenomenon. I thought it would be interesting to bring some screams together in an anthology, a collection of uttered and non-uttered screams, reflecting on how history, politics, identity and complex power dynamics influence our capacity to scream. In collected screams I share examples of screams and screamers in theory, science, literature, history, fine arts, philosophy, music, mythology, psycho-analysis, sports, film etc.

I move from socially accepted, contextualized and collective screaming to darker, more intimate territories, uncontrolled leakages with no attempt at articulations, infinite screams.

I wonder why we did not scream when we could have screamed and I attempt to re-claim screaming as a tool, a weapon, as instant healing, as a way to unwind or means to express pain, excitement, fear, anger, joy or anything unspeakable.

Performance, text Sarah Vanhee  Produced by Manyone Thanks to Britt Hatzius, Xiri Tara Noir, Flore Herman, Isabel de Naveran