Video-choreographic performance
Void (video work) 2022 - Joshua Serafin

"Void" is a video work that is part of the bigger work “Creation Paradigm”.

“Creation Paradigm” is composed of a photograph series, installation, performance, and video works. It is part of a bigger trilogy series of works called Cosmological Gangbang which Joshua Serafin is currently developing. 

"Void" is a 12-minute video work in which we see the creation or birth of a god(dess) for the future. This god, Void, needs to live in the mortal world to better understand what it means to be a god(dess) of this time. Void’s choreographic movements embody the sadness, pain and grief of our current society. 


Void cries pearls every midnight.

Pearls are the final form of all the pain and hurt of humanity.

Void gathers all the sadness, all the memories of hurt and longing, and turns them into pearls to keep in the astral realm, where the memories are kept for the gods to learn and archive humanity’s pain.

When everyone is asleep, Void takes in all universal pain; when humanity awakes, their sadness feels lighter.


The impetus of creating this work is to decolonize oneself and to question heteronormative cultural and historical iconographies and ideologies that were implemented by the west in the Philippines. It takes as a starting point the Filipino pre-colonial identity which is fluid and doesn’t conform to binary representation, as was the case in many other pre-colonial societies. The main inspiration of this work are spiritual backgrounds in Philippine society, and pre-colonial gender belief systems passed down through generational oral knowledge. The work aims to transfigure this local experience to a more global consciousness. It hopes to rewrite history and to speculate a possible future, by fantasizing the transformation of our physical selves embodying gods and goddesses. A societal reimagining and empowerment for the entirety of the Global South and brown bodies.


4k-Single channel Video

Duration: 10:32 minutes

5 editions with 2 AP

Concept, Direction, Choreography, Performance, scenography Joshua Serafin Filmmaking team Brandon Relucio and Davide Belotti Colorist and Editor Brandon Relucio Assistant Camera: James Trinidad Production Manager Ansper Aquino Overall Assistance Nash Kepler Balagso Sound Design Alex Zhang Huntai

This work is commission by Sunpride Foundation and Tai Kwun Contemporary for Spectrosynthesis III: Myth Makers

With Support from Mercedes Zobel, Bellas Artes, Tomoko Inoue, Shaskes Sarit