Jolie Ngemi started dancing when she was 3; it was at the protestant church in Kinshasa. As a teenager she danced in the streets, taking part in hip-hop dance battles, and at the age of 17 got to know the choreographer Jacques Banayang, who initiated her into traditional dance and let her experiment with contemporary dance. In 2008, together with the Belgian choreographer Thomas Steyaert, she created MIST, a dance performance that toured in Africa and Belgium. In 2011 she danced the solo ‘Jolie’ by the choreographer Ula Sickle and the composer Yann Leguay, giving performances in Seoul, Paris, Kinshasa, Bruges, Vienna, Warsaw and elsewhere.

In 2013 she succeeded in her audition for P.A.R.T.S., where she studied for two years. Since 2015 she has danced in several creations by Boris Charmatz.