• Dance - Performance - Solo
    Jolie (2011)
    Ula Sickle

    Created with and for Congolese dancer Jolie Ngemi, this short and powerful solo starts in the present tense while looking towards the future: popular Congolese dances sampled from music videos and local night clubs are taken up, repeated and transformed. Confronting the codes of contemporary western dance, Jolie goes in search of a contemporary dance form that she can call her own.

    Taking the audience with her on this journey, she adopts the role of the Atalaku, or MC, who in Congolese music urges the dancers and those in the crowd to move. Her voice, sampled and transformed through a live interaction with French musician Yann Leguay, becomes the music that accompanies her, entering into resonance with her movement. 


    Jolie is the companion solo to Solid Gold, created for and with Congolese dancer Dinozord.