• Benjamin Vandewalle

    Benjamin Vandewalle studied at the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp and graduated at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels in 2006. During his studies, he created works such as Théâtre de la Guillotine and We Go, a duet with Vincenzo Carta. In 2007 the duo collaborated again on Inbetween. For the performances Birdwatching (2009) and One/Zero (2011), both investigations on perception of space and movement, he worked closely with visual artist Erki De Vries. His location performance Birdwatching 4x4 (2012) is still touring internationally to great critical acclaim. In 2013 he started a collaboration with CAMPO (Gent, BE) for the performance Point of View.

    Benjamin Vandewalle gives workshops and is interested in dance education. He was guest teacher at the KASK in Ghent  and MUDA, and also created a guest choreography for Passerelle (Kortrijk, BE). He collaborated with the dance school Nyakaza in South Africa, launched the project Comfusao in Mozambique and accompanied a group of P.A.R.T.S. dance students during an exchange project in Senegal. Together with philosopher Jan Cnops and a group of school children from Molenbeek (Brussels) he made the documentary (un)usual.